POSITION Chief Financial Officer

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Utilities Management Company

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg

REPORTS TO: Group Chief Executive


SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: The incumbent will lead a significant staff complement and be responsible for providing a framework for sound financial management of the organisation and its subsidiaries. Assume responsibility and accountability for: The formulation of Eskom’s financial strategies (including funding), policies and systems, assuring adherence to these and providing strategic financial services to the Group. All major investments in the Group




  • Must be a Chartered Accountant
  • Should ideally have a Post-Graduate Business Management qualification
  • Should have at least 20 years’ post-qualifying experience
  • Several years as Financial Director of a major organisation with an annual turnover of at least R10 billion
  • Must have a managed a significant staff complement
  • Extensive understanding and experience in capital raising, both locally and internationally, for significant capital projects; hedging and dealing with ratings agencies
  • Strong in managing complex stakeholder relationships





  • Formulate the Group’s financial strategies, policies and systems and ensure adherence to these
  • Ensure sufficient liquidity, improve credit rating, adhere to PFMA
  • Manage the development and execution of the funding and hedging strategy
  • Provide strategic financial services to the Group
  • All major investment: Grow the Groups investor base locally and internationally
  • Strong governance compliance


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