Executive Search Status:


Nature of Business:

Chief Executive Officer
Retail Group

Location: Johannesburg

Company Background: Listed retail group with an annual turnover in excess of R5 billion and employing more than 4 000 people.

Position Summary: Responsibility and authority for managing and directing the Group to achieve optimum profitability and effective use of business assets and human resources while:

  • Creating an ethos of excellence, risk management and continuous improvement in the provision of the highest levels of customer service
  • Developing a three year comprehensive business plan by geographical area that addresses and gives strategic direction on taking the company forward
  • Creating an environment where excellence and commitment are seen as sources of strategic advantage
  • Providing employees with appropriate authority and responsibility
  • Driving control mechanisms to ensure achievement of organisation deliverables and deadlines
  • Focusing on long term strategies and challenges, committing significant resources to the achievement of organisational objectives.

Key areas of activity:

  • Develop a three year comprehensive business plan by geographical area, continuously monitoring business opportunities and providing appropriate strategic guidance regarding growth and direction
  • Focus on existing as well as significant new store growth
  • Building and maintaining relationships with the company’s supplier partnerships

Key Attributes Required:

  • In the region of ten years experience in heading up a company or large division with responsibility for a staff complement of about 4 000 people and an annual turnover in excess of R1 billion
  • Ability to take action and make decisions, taking into account the big picture
  • Creating an environment where innovation and learning are seen as a source of competitive advantage
  • Able to function effectively under situations involving significant uncertainty
  • Take the lead in providing direction, structure and guidance in ambiguous situations
  • Effectively and consistently manage change and ambiguous priorities
  • Balance the organisation’s need for both stability and change
  • A strategic understanding of supply chain and ability to focus on risk management throughout the business
  • Ability to develop comprehensive plans per functional department to support the business plans of different geographical areas