POSITION: Chief Information Officer (Chief Technical Officer)

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Pan African Financial Services Organisation

JOB LOCATION: To be confirmed

REPORTS TO: Managing Director




Assume responsibility and authority for the effective management, leadership and accountability of the Information Systems of the Group, focusing on the strategic direction; systems architecture, driving centralisation of the Information Technology Division and ensuring alignment of technology platforms at a regional level. Thereafter optimize systems, ensuring operational process are fully automated, and pioneer electronic banking into Africa.



  • Bachelor Degree in business management or information technology. MBA or similar post graduate management qualification would be beneficial
  • Essential to have at least 20 years of experience in Information Technology of which minimum of 5 years should be at a senior executive level of a large multi-country IT facility, ideally in the Financial Services sector
  • Strong commercially orientated background, and the ability to understand unused functionalities and explore the gaps to improve service, operational processes and generate additional revenue
  • Understand and drive the maximisation of the existing platform to ensure its optimal functionality
  • Effectively lead a multi-disciplinary team of professional staff with multi country offices, and the ability to centralize and transition an IT function into a shared service facility; and attract, grow and retain a new team of talent
  • Sound knowledge of leading edge Information Technology Architecture, Hardware Infrastructure, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Emerging Technologies and Application Design and Support
  • Exposure to redundancy support, and ensuring that the correct structures are in place, so that it is the banks primary resources in the event of system failure
  • Au fait with, but not necessarily an expert in security, including the planning and implementing of security measures to protect computer systems, networks and data
  • A strong feel for business and the issues facing the financial services industry in Africa



  • Quickly gain a good understanding of the organisation and the role of information systems within the organisation, maintaining a good understanding of how technology is developing, and translating this into operating opportunities
  • Lead the implementation of a Shared Service Business Unit, and centralise the regions “back-office” functions and local servers into a shared service facility where dependency increases on central IT
  • Keep abreast of global technology trends and identify opportunities to leverage technology for the support of the business
  • Identify, develop and have clear vision and strategic direction for the organisation in terms of all aspects of information systems and future communication systems
  • Develop business solutions and project concepts, create plans and oversee the implementation of complex business solutions. Drive the maximisation of the existing platforms to obtain full capacity and optimal functionality
  • Ensure the security of IT assets and data integrity


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