POSITION: Chief Operations Officer

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Microfinance company providing loans to the poorest of the poor, with a mission to fight poverty in a sustainable manner. This is done by enabling the poor to increase their income through microcredit for self-employment and by assisting them inthe accumulation of savings.

JOB LOCATION: Tzaneen, Limpopo

REPORTS TO: Managing Director

TOTAL STAFF RESPONSIBILITY: Approximately 472 employees

SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: The Chief Operating Officer will oversee all hands-on operational functions within the organisation.

GROUP BACKGROUND: The organization began operations in 1992 and since then has cumulatively disbursed 1 320 011 loans to the value of R 2.3 billion to very poor people, 99% of whom were women. The organisation is now located in four of South Africa’s provinces, namely, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West Province, and the coastal Eastern Cape Province.

KEY EXECUTIVE ATTRIBUTES REQUIRED: Would preferably be qualified in a related field. Must have had at least five years senior management position with exposure at Executive Committee level. Must have managed an operational business with a turnover of at least R75m. Must understand how to formulate and execute business strategies as well as effectively lead a team of people

KEY JOB PERFORMANCE AREAS: Assume responsibility for the effective leadership and management of the position without alienating the existing staff and rapidly assume managerial responsibility and authority of the role. Assist the Managing Director with the overall company strategy development, refinement and implementation. Specifically spearhead the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes. Take responsibility for the measurement and effectiveness of all processes (internal and external).

 Note:  Part of the Woodburn Mann processinvolves verification of your qualifications. Many clients also request thatpotential candidates complete criminal and creditchecks.