Director, Healthcare

Professional Services


Company Background:

International professional services organisation. 


Position Summary:

Responsibility for growing and developing clients within the healthcare sector as well as overseeing client engagements. 


Key areas of activity:

  • Interacting with various levels and departments within relevant healthcare organisations and government departments
  • Building relationships with key opinion leaders in the healthcare sector
  • Supporting key strategic decision making processes affecting the sector
  • Building, maintaining and leveraging key customer relationships to positively impact business objectives
  • Developing and rolling out a ‘go to market’ strategy to meet market demands/opportunities
  • Advising on the strategic direction of healthcare initiatives
  • This position pre-supposes very high levels of independent, creative, entrepreneurial and strategic thinking ability with relevant decision-making capabilities. The Applications of these abilities will include:
    • Initiating, commercially evaluating, recommending and negotiating as necessary in respect of Government, Funders and Providers
    • Making decisions and solving problems in complex and changing environments
    • Developing and maintaining excellent relationships at the highest levels both locally and internationally
    • Directing and managing the activities of project teams

Key Attributes Required:

  • A Bachelors degree in Commerce, Science or Pharmacy combined with a Master of Business Administration degree would be ideal. A Public Health qualification would be advantageous.

  • More than five years experience of interacting and building relationships directly with healthcare stakeholders

  • Knowledge of healthcare in South Africa and international experience would be beneficial

  • A successful track record in the healthcare industry with knowledge of current legislation governing the industry
  • A self starter and strong leader with good interpersonal communication ability and sound organisational skills