POSITION: Head of Compliance


NATURE OF BUSINESS: Financial Services Company


JOB LOCATION: Rosebank, Johannesburg




  • Lead the Compliance Team and support the business by developing and implementing best practice risk frameworks including policies, standards, processes and reporting that are appropriate to the market in which the bank operates




  • Develop and deliver client enablement strategy
  • Assume responsibility for the establishment and effective leadership and management of the position without alienating any staff and rapidly assume managerial responsibility and authority of the role
  • In addition, perform the following tasks in a manner consistent with the company’s values of integrity, accountability, collaboration, service and excellence whilst ensuring strong and positive customer focus, team and culture, continuous improvement, effective communication, judgement and driving results.
  • Implementation and oversight of the Group Compliance Risk Management Framework (CRMF) including assurance activity to provide management with a view of the robustness of the CRMF in each jurisdiction.
  • Facilitate the implementation of appropriate compliance processes and practices to ensure compliance obligations are well understood across the business units, embedded into the business processes and monitored appropriately.
  • Development of compliance indicators across the business.
  • Ensure control weaknesses/breakdowns are accurately identified and captured within the system and assist the business units with root cause analysis to mitigate against future compliance losses.
  • Ensure any regulatory breaches are appropriately identified, escalated and logged in the system. Assist the business units with root cause analysis to mitigate against future compliance losses.
  • Provide compliance reporting using business unit provided reports and data within the system.
  • Manage the ongoing development and implementation of mandatory learning across the business units.
  • Review of policies and registers (e.g. Gifts and Entertainment & Conflict of Interest) & mandatory training completion rates.
  • Maintain strong relationship with risk departments within the company and where necessary with offshore and local regulatory bodies.
  • Engage with key stakeholders, regulators and the Board.
  • Interface deeply with business functions to ensure solid understanding of business and inherent risks.
  • You will be expected to perform tasks in a manner consistent with company’s Leadership Capabilities, Growing Talent and Leading with Vision and Values.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of compliance risk awareness (not limited to AML/CTF) across the business by ensuring that issues are escalated as appropriate and resolved.
  • Ensure escalation of risk issues/investigations to a higher level of management for information or decision as appropriate
  • Ensure that internal policies do not contravene current and/or proposed legislation, rules
  • Show leadership in developing the company’s risk culture across the business including the implementation of efficient and effective controls to manage business and regulatory risk and regulations
  • Liaise with Risk Management and Internal Audit on risk related issues, as well as non-compliance with internal policies, legislation, rules and regulations.
  • Contribute towards the overall growth and profitability of the new entity and engender a style of management that encourages an ethos of excellence and a mind-set of continuous improvement


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