Non Executive Director


NATURE OF BUSINESS: Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed South African subsidiary of an industrial manufacturing and engineering company

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg

SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: The Non-Executive Director should bring an experienced and objective view to Board issues and deliberations. He/she would be expected to have an impact on the Board, providing a dynamic and creative contribution to the strategic direction of the Company as well as on a wide range of business issues. As a member of the Audit and Risk Committee he/she must partake in ensuring that the company adheres to: the Audit and Risk Committee guidelines of the "King III Recommendations on Corporate Governance"; the JSE Securities Exchange reporting requirements; International Financial Reporting Standards and the Company's Act of South Africa; and meets the scrutiny of the financial community.


  • Must have served as, or be currently serving as, a Non-Executive Director on the board of a listed company with a turnover of at least R300 million
  • The candidate must have a successful executive track record in one of more of the following sectors – mining, power and energy, industrial manufacturing
  • A commitment to and competent understanding of high standards of corporate governance and of director’s responsibilities including his/her fiduciary duties and legal responsibilities
  • Understanding of business generally and an appreciation of broad economic, commercial and financial trends