POSITION: Non-Executive Director (Board, Audit Committee and Social, ethics and sustainability Committee)

NATURE OF BUSINESS: A leading global logistics company



This Non-Executive Director should bring an experienced and objective view to Board and sub-committee issues and deliberations. He/she would be expected to have an impact on the Board and sub-committees, providing a dynamic and creative contribution to the strategic direction of the Company as well as on a wide range of business issues.



  • Essential to hold a Chartered Accountant designation
  • A mature businessperson of impeccable integrity, with the stature and gravitas that enables the individual to interface comfortably and confidently with business leaders at the highest level
  • Must have a good understanding and experience of boardroom and corporate governance issues – have experience as a Non-Executive Director, preferably with Audit Committee experience
  • Strong legal, financial and risk management acumen and the intellectual rigour to understand complex issues quickly
  • Track record of leading a highly trained executive team of multidisciplinary managers or professionals
  • An understanding of the impact of the environment, industry practices, legislation and other regulatory frameworks on the performance of an enterprise



Note: Amrop Woodburn Mann will verify the qualifications of candidates prior to client interview. Should you be interviewed by Amrop Woodburn Mann you will be asked to sign a consent form to permit us to verify your qualifications. Scanned copies of your degrees and diplomas may be asked for and can be sent to us when sending us your educational and career details.