POSITION: Financial Director

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Software Development Company

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg

REPORTS TO: Chief ExecutiveOfficer


SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: Assume responsibility as the Financial Director for the financial functions of the company ensuring effective financial direction and control within the business. Responsibilities include assisting the Chief Executive Officer and other functional heads in managing the business and adding value to client and channel partner relationships.

GROUP BACKGROUND: Software Development Company, providing an integrated business software solution for allmain facets of the business including accounting, manufacturing and distribution operations across a wide variety of industries.


·         Must have had at least ten years senior management exposure at Executive Committee level.

·         Must have managed the financial function within a business with a turnover of at least R150m.

·         Must be able to demonstrate experience in working collaboratively with functional managers and the business leader to develop and create businessplans.

·         Must have a good understanding of audit and risk assessment processesand principles.

·         Must understand how to formulate and execute business strategies as well as effectively lead a team of staff.

·         Must have demonstrated an ability to establish robust systems and controls and build a performing team.

·         Attention to detail with the aptitude and interest to quickly understandthe details and be prepared to ‘roll up sleeves’ when necessary.

·         Must be a team player.


·         Work effectively with the outgoing Financial Director to understand the business and the requirements of the role.

·         Work effectively and supportively with all functional heads, often in aninformal and ad hoc manner, to provide creative ideas, understand the financial risks and implications of decisions and to support fellow business managers.

·         Assist the Chief Executive Officer with the overall company strategy development, refinement and implementation.

·         Work with functional leaders to develop budgets and plans which will lead to an overall corporate budget.

·         Ensure statutory compliance across all financial, tax, audit and foreign exchange functions.

·         Co-ordinate external audit activities.



Note: Woodburn Mann will verify the qualifications of candidates prior to client interview. Should you be interviewed by Woodburn Mann you will be asked to sign a consent form to permit us to verify your qualifications. Scanned copies of your degrees and diplomas may be asked for and can be sent to us when sending us your educational and career details.