POSITION: Senior Manager, Compensation and Benefits & OrganisationalEffectiveness

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Leading Automotive Manufacturer

JOB LOCATION: Pretoria,South Africa

REPORTS TO: GeneralManager, Human Resources

SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: Assume responsibility and authority for the company’s remuneration and benefits, performance management and organisational effectiveness functions with particular emphasis on ensuring that the company’s remuneration strategies enable it to attract and retain talent, the performance management system is effective and performance is linked to reward.


  • Must have a relevant Bachelors degree.
  • At least six years experience in the Compensation and Benefits field in a multinational organisation
  • Should ideally have worked in the manufacturing sector
  • Broad knowledge of best remuneration practices and expatriate remuneration
  • Should ideally be between 30 and 45 years old in terms of the minimum experience required for the position


  • Immediately establish credibility as Senior Manager: Compensation and Benefits and Organisational Effectiveness without alienation of existing staff and rapidly assume managerial responsibility
  • Formulate and develop the company’s remuneration philosophy
  • Design performance pay structures, bonuses and commission in line with company’s remuneration philosophy
  • Align performance measures with business performance objectives and the reward system
  • Design and implement interventions to enhance alignment of the organisation's culture, climate, processes and policies to support and deliver the overall business/human resources strategy
  • Manage performance of subordinates in accordance with agreed key results areas/outputs

Note:  Part of the Woodburn Mann processinvolves verification your qualifications. Many clients alsorequest that potential candidates complete criminal andcredit checks.