POSITION: Manufacturing Director

NATURE OF BUSINESS: South Africa Operations of Global Industrial Manufacturing Group

JOB LOCATION: Johannesburg, South Africa

REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer

SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: Introduce and Implement an Industrial Turnaround Strategy enhancing and repositioning manufacturing capabilities in line with and in support of the Group’s broader commercial aims and growth, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation. Create a lean culture, with implementation of lean concepts and principles. Build a cohesive Industrial team that is integrated with the right people in the right positions



Must have experience in implementation of a Lean Management System (or similar methodology)

Strong background in manufacturing / production management with at least five years at Management level with responsibility for multiple plants

Experience gained in the building materials / construction products sector would be advantageous

Proven track record of leading improvements in productivity and efficiency in manufacturing operations producing a diversified product range

Multiple languages (e.g. English, Afrikaans and any African language) would be advantageous, able to operate in an International environment

Dynamic and capable, hands-on inspiring leader with well-developed interpersonal skills. Strong people management, leadership skills, and the ability to direct and motivate others. Passionate about developing and coaching subordinates



Structure and People - introduce and implement an Industrial Turnaround Strategy; build a cohesive Industrial team that is integrated in the total business with the right people in the right job and create a strong Works Manager team 

Introduce and facilitate a Lean Manufacturing system (or similar methodology) 

Optimise processes via comprehensive enablement of Lean Manufacturing Methods

Take full responsibility for and manage all elements of Production Performance Improvement

Ensure that produced volume by the plant is aligned with the production plan - both meeting demand and maintaining safety stock levels across the annual cycle

Drive efficiency improvements for each plant (increase the volume output levels in a shorter period of time; ideally with less or no overtime). Minimise stoppage of the line caused by breakdowns 

Drive productivity improvements

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