POSITION: Chief Executive Officer

COMPANY: Swaziland Sugar Association

JOB LOCATION: Mbabane, Swaziland

REPORTS TO: President and Vice President of the Swaziland Sugar Association


The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the effective leadership, profitable marketing and efficient management of the industry and its Association

QUALIFICATIONS:  Minimum Qualification: MBA (or equivalent)


  • At least ten years in Senior Management in a commercial organization, sugar industry being an advantage


  • Generate maximum net proceeds from the sale of sugar and molasses in a sustainable manner
  • Distribute proceeds timeously to millers and growers
  • Oversee the compilation, adoption, implementation, monitoring and review of the strategic marketing plan through appropriate sugar industry structures
  • Play a strategic and proactive role in the creation and maintenance of domestic and foreign markets for sugar and molasses
  • Oversee the budget process through the appropriate sugar industry structures
  • Lobby for the advancement of sugar industry interests and promote a good image of the industry through interaction with political authorities, high level government officials, executives of non-governmental organisations and trade union leaders
  • Ensure the observance of the Sugar Act, Sugar Industry Agreement and good corporate governance
  • Ensure the design and implementation of crop production research and extension services programmes
  • Ensure that the cane testing function is carried out in an efficient and impartial manner



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