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2009 Digital Calendar photo description 

“Death Defying Dance”


This school of Silverfish live under a massive bouy overgrown by red soft coral

in the Gulf of Aqaba, Northern Red Sea. Amongst the coral lurks a population of

Devil Firefish which hunt the Silverfish. The school of Silverfish do a deadly dance staying

close enough to the chain for protection but far enough from the Firefish to live another day


Devil Firefish or Lionfish Scorpaenidae


The Lionfish are voracious predators. When they hunt, they corner prey using their large fins and

then use their lightning quick reflexes to swallow the prey whole. Notable for their extremely long

and separated spines which, like a syringe, can squirt fatal poison into an attacker.


Nikon D200 10.5 megapixel resolution,  AF Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye F2.8 D lens, Housed in

Sea & SEA D200 housing with strobes, 1/100th sec @ f13, ISO 100,  taken at 20m depth on scuba

Photograph by Andrew Woodburn