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2010 Digital Calendar photo description 

“Festive Fantasy”  

This Clownfish and its mate occupied a dramatically elaborate bubble anemone which was attached to a shipwreck. The water flowing over the wreck increased the current speed delivering rich nutrient water to the anemone to feed its needs and hence providing a home for the Clownfish pair. These fish have immunity to the stinging cells at the tip of each anemone tentacle by having a mucus covering on their bodies.


Bubble-tip Anemone   - Entacmaea quadricolor


The Bubble-tip Anemone is a species of  sea anemone. In the wild, this anemone can host several species of Clownfish.. These anemones often appear in a variety of colours, including rose, orange, red and standard green and can grow to be up to a 30 cm in diameter. The majority of its energy comes from sunlight and its nutrients are generally obtained by filter feeding using its sweeping tentacles, or through waste and debris cleaned from the surface of its partner Clownfish.


Maroon Clownfish  -  Premnas biaculeatus


The Maroon Clownfish is a species of Clownfish that is found in the Indo-pacific. They can grow to be about 17 cm, and as they mature, they become more aggressive towards other Clownfish. The stripes across the body are normally white, the female is usually larger than the male and dark red or maroon, and the male smaller and a bright red.


Nikon D200,  10.2  megapixel resolution,  AF Nikor 105mm Macro D lens,

Housed in Sea & SEA D200 housing, 1/180 th sec @ f40,   ISO 200, taken while

diving at a depth of 10 m offshore Bali Indonesia, on the wreck of the USS Liberty


Photograph by Andrew Woodburn