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Digital Calendar photo description 

Giant Kingfisher with Catch


Late afternoon at the Pafuri bridge in the far northern region of the Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga,

a Giant Kingfisher suddenly plunged into the river and emerged with a large fish in its beak. The bird then alighted on a branch and proceeded to bash the poor fish against the branch until it was dead.

It then aligned the fish and swallowed it in one gulp.



Giant Kingfisher  -  Ceryle maxima

This is the largest Kingfisher in the region and is unmistakeable with its long, heavy bill, dark,

white-spotted back and rufous black-speckled chestnut breast. This Kingfisher rarely hovers, but plunges

directly into the water for its prey. It likes wooded streams and fast-flowing rivers.


Nikon D2xs,  AF-S VR-Nikkor 600 mm f4G lens, with Nikkor AF-S teleconverter TC-14E11, l.4x,

focal length 850 mm, effective 1260 mm, 1/320th sec @ f5.6,   ISO 800 



Photograph by Trevor Woodburn