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Digital Calendar photo description 

 Giving Advice to the "Dugga Boy"

Early morning in the Phinda Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, a Red-billed Oxpekker alighted on the face of
this male Buffalo and appeared to be giving it some serious advice. "Dugga Boy" is the name given
to an aging male Buffalo and is derived from the word "dugga" or mud which
clings to its fur from the animal rolling in puddles of mud to rub off parasites

African or Cape Buffalo - Syncerus caffer
Red-billed Oxpekker - Buphagus erythrorhynchus

The only native African member of the tribe that includes wild and domestic cattle, American Bison, etc., the latest and most advanced ruminants to evolve (in Asia within the last 7 million years). The African Buffalo is not closely related to the Asian Water Buffalo, but its ancestry remains unknown. The Cape Buffalo has a massive build with short, powerful limbs, cow's tail and weighs between 245 and 870kg. Head: broad with wide mouth, bare, moist nostrils and drooping, fringed ears. Horns: size and shape reflect sex and age; broad base shielding forehead identifies mature males; width across horns up to 100 cm.

Nikon D2xs, AF Nikkor 80-400 mm f4.5-5.6D @ 80 mm, equivalent to 120 mm,, 1/250th sec @ f8, ISO 200

Photograph by Trevor Woodburn