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Digital Calendar photo description 

Dhow over Dotted Sea Grass


While parasailing 25 m above the surface, a local handmade Mozambique dhow was calmly sailing into Vilankoulos harbour from the islands of Bazaruto. The dhow's sail is a patchwork of plastic sheets, rice bags and old tarpaulin. The sea grass beds grow on a sandy bottom and provide food for the shy Dugong and a

multitude of breeding fish and their young



The Mozambique dhow is a direct descendant of the traditional Arabic dhows which plied the trade routes from the Middle East to East Africa sailing as far south as South Africa long before the Europeans had circumnavigated the

Cape of Good Hope. These smaller local craft use the traditional gaff rigged triangular sails and tend to sail with the aid of the tides and sea breezes. They are still used to ferry locals and produce between small seaside villages and major harbours and provide ocean-worthy craft for line and net-based fishing. The hull is crafted from local timber sealed with tar and some will have a fire box for cooking or a modern-day outboard motor, should the wind not be sufficient.


Nikon D300,  Nikkor AF-S 18-70 mm, circular polariser, f3.5-4.5G lens @ 27 mm,  1/160th sec @ f6.3,   ISO 200


Photograph by Andrew Woodburn