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Digital Calendar photo description 

Mother’s Protective Embrace


Late afternoon in the Sand Game Reserve, Mpumalanga, a troop of Vervet Monkeys were preparing to settle in their favourite tree for the night. This mother closely embraced her young baby while the rest of the troop moved to their preferred resting places.



Vervet Monkey Cercopithecus aethiops

The Vervet Monkey is the common small monkey of the African savanna. It is slender in form with a long tail. The male can weigh between 5.5. kg and up to 9 kg while the females’ weight can vary around 4.1 kg. Both sexes have long, sharp canines. Their colour varies geographically from silver-gray to olive, yellow or reddish-green; white to yellow–white under parts with black faces. Infants are born with dark, silky coats and pink faces.


Nikon D3s,  12.1 megapixel resolution,  FX format,  AF VR Nikkor 80-400 mm @ 400 mm,

1/400th sec @ f5.6,  ISO 1250


Photograph by Trevor Woodburn