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Digital Calendar photo description 

Leopard Shark and Remoras


This Leopard Shark, lying on a sand patch in the Indian Ocean off Tofo, Mozambique, is accompanied by two small Remoras (sucker fish). This Shark eats shell fish, crabs and bony fishes which it can suck into its powerful mouth. The Remoras will catch a free ride on the host dodging off to pick up drifting morsels of food as the Shark breaks up the prey it has caught.



Leopard shark  -   Stegostoma fasciatum

Remora  -  Remora Remorina

Leopard Sharks are bottom dwelling Sharks found between 0-65 m deep in the ocean and grow to more than 1.7 m in length. They are frequently found on sandy floors or coral reefs, resting during daytime and hunting nocturnally. They are frequently found accompanied by Remoras which have a suction pad on the top of their heads with which to hitch a ride on their hosts. These Sharks are classed as vulnerable due to human predation for their meat, the fins being used for soup and their oily livers for vitamins.


Nikon D300,  Nikkor 10.5 mm  f2.8G fisheye lens,  1/80th sec @ f10,   ISO 200

Photograph by Andrew Woodburn