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Digital Calendar photo description

Learning for Life


Very early morning in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, these two young lion cubs engaged in a sparring match to test out their respective strengths. After a while they got up and playfully chased each other around.


Lion – Panthera leo

Call of the African Wild, King of African Carnivores. Lionesses are lowslung but large and powerful, weighing around 125 kg. While prey is plentiful,Lions spend 20 hours out of 24 conserving energy, becoming active in late afternoon; hunt most actively early and late at night and for a couple hours after daybreak. Lions can become active at any time, day or night, hungry or gorged, so that when easy opportunities to catch prey present themselves, theyreact immediately and take advantage. Lions kill and often eat all the other carnivores, including Leopards and Cheetahs, but rarely Hyenas. Lion cubs tendto be woolly with greyish, spotted coats when born, changing to an adult coat by three months of age.

Nikon D3s,  12.1 megapixelresolution, FX format,  AF-S  VR-Nikkor 600 mm f4G lens with 1.4 xteleconverter, effective focal length 850 mm, 1/2500th sec @ f8,  ISO 2500

Photograph by Trevor Woodburn