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Digital Calendar photo description


Pecking Order

 Midmorning in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, a group of four Lilian’s Lovebirds perched in a diagonal line on a dead tree branch in what appeared to be a clear hierarchical pecking order.

Lilian’s Lovebird Agapornis lilianae

Slightly smaller than other lovebirds, this species differs by having agreen (not blue) rump, and a conspicuous white-eye-ring. It’s habitat is broadleaf woodlands. It’s call is a high-pitched staccato shrieking.

Nikon D3s,  12.1 megapixel resolution,  FX format, AF-S VR-Nikkor 600 mm f4G lens with 1.4 xteleconverter, effective focal length 850 mm, 1/1600th sec @ f20,  ISO 3200

Photograph by Trevor Woodburn