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Delightful Damsel

This yellowish damselfish lives in its own territory which it defends fiercely as can be seen by the raised dorsal spines. The red hard coral is cement hard and very sharp and allows its protector to hide within the sharp coral if threatened. In return it received service in cleaning and predation on crabs and other growth that would clog up its own development

Yellow Damselfish – Pomacentridae

The Damselfish are quite lively and colourful and they are common in the tropical seas. They are found in the shallow water of tropical or semitropical seas. They are small and aggressive. They love the coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass. They feed on zooplankton and algae. They can display ferocious behaviour when they feel threatened. Many of the Damselfish grow to a length of 14 inches. They become mature in two to five years. A Damselfish can live about 18 years in captivity, but in the wild they live less than 18 years.

Nikon D300, Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Macro lens, f11 @ 1/250th second, ISO 200, Sea & Sea Housing and Two Sea & Sea, YS250 strokes on ¼ power. Taken on scuba @ 20m in Tonga

Photograph by AndrewWoodburn